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 not gAY banned on Fz Promod

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PostSubject: not gAY banned on Fz Promod   Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:30 am

Hello admins.

Your In-Game Name*: not gAY

Your GR[ID]?*: ?

Reason you were banned?: 'for some reason'

Who banned you?: Goku maybe?

When were you banned? 23:20 (GMT) on 17th October 2015

What Server were you banned on?: Fz Promod S&D

Why should you be unbanned?*: I do not understand why I got banned. I played and got a good score, then spectated many rounds to watch another player. An admin joined (maybe named Goku but I am not certain). A player named 'Hixye' told him I was a hacker and he banned me immediately with reason 'for some reason'.
This was after the player 'Hixye' accused me of being a hacker (which clearly I am not) but himself admitted hacking for 3 years...
Please can you unban me?

not gAY
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not gAY banned on Fz Promod
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